At our Online-Store you can choose between the following methods of payment: 
Prepayment, Credit Card, PayPal or Sofort Überweisung

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Your benefits with Sofortueberweisung!
With Sofortueberweisung the online payment is easier than ever!  You use this to conveniently connect your familiar online banking data and are on the safe side. Thanks to the transaction confirmation can the store your order - faster than usually in advance - edit and send the goods immediately. It features a prompt delivery when selecting a payment method sofortbanking !

Easy: transfers without additional account (Wallet) without registration.
Quick: Automates in one operation - Faster than payment by bank transfer.
Safe: High security through multi-level authentication method and only one-time usability of the TAN.

How it works:
1. Select Bank: Enter your country and select using the sort code (BLZ) from your bank, which will execute your bank transfer.

2. Login: You are now in the login area of ​​our protected form number. Sign in using your online banking access data. The data is transmitted encrypted to your online banking.
3. Prepare Transfer: You will be asked for a TAN. Each TAN is only once usable.4. Zusammenfassung: Sie erhalten jetzt eine 4. Summary: You now get a summary of your transfer or equally the online stores confirmation. So you have all information available for your purchase.

You can use this payment only in following countries:
German, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Slovenia



> Bank transfer from Austria <

We ask for a bank transfer of the total amount to our account
Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG
IBAN: AT94 2011 1824 2274 3800

Please indicate online order number and M.S.V. Musik-Sound-VertriebsgmbH as holder. 

For a bank transfer coming from EU-countries we kindly ask you to pay in EUR and mention exactly ourso that there are no high bank charges.

For bank tranfers coming from NONE-EU-countries all bank expenses of foreign side will be paid by the buyer. 
After arrival of the total amount, the goods will be shipped immediately.

> Bank transfer from Germany <

We ask our you to do the payment in advance to our German account 

VR-Bank Passau eG
IBAN DE35740900000000021628

Please indicate online order number and M.S.V. Musik-Sound-VertriebsgmbH as holder. 

For bank tranfers coming from NONE-EU-countries all bank expenses of foreign side will be paid by the buyer. 
After arrival of the total amount, the goods will be shipped immediately.

Payment with credit card

If you want to pay with credit card you have to select your card type in your Online Shop account.
We accept  and . In addition, we require your credit card number, the validity period and check number on the back of your credit card.

The online payments are handled via our payment partner Paymill according to current safety standards.

  1. Choose "Credit Card" as payment method.
  2. Type in yourcredit card informationAftersuccessful paymentyou will receivean order confirmationby email.

The credit card will be charged after completion of the order.


> Secure Transmission of creditcards <

SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
 is the common standard for secure data transmission through the Internet and was developed by Netscape. It is used as a guarantee of the identity of the communicating parties and of the protection of the data transmitted. The admittance of unauthorized persons into the communication channel is prevented and sensitive information, for example credit card numbers, can be transmitted without access from outside. If SSL is installed, the security key at the left-hand side of the browser's bottom line closes with the input of sensitive data. Then you are on an Internet page that is protected by SSL. The access to such a page can be done by: https://.

Sensitive data can now be transmitted through the Internet by SSL without being 'tapped'. By the way, the encoding is done automatically, which means that you do not have to do anything.




PayPal is a safer, simpler way to send money online. 

You can pay quickly and safely with PayPal for items you buy in online shops.

Once you sign up for a PayPal account, you just need to select PayPal as your payment method when you shop online. Websites that accept PayPal will show the PayPal logo in their checkout. You will be asked to log into your account with your email address and password to confirm the payment. PayPal never shares your financial information with sellers or retailers. 

You do not have a PayPal account ? Sign up for a PayPal account

Your security ranks first at PayPal.