B2B Delivery

Transportation Costs for B2B and Dealers

- Transportation in Austria
Transportation Flatrate: € 7,90
FREE DELIVERY for orders above € 75,- NEW from € 20,- until 13.04.2020

- Transportation to Germany
FREE DELIVERY for order above € 750,- NEW from € 50,- until 13.04.2020
Transportation Flatrate: € 12,-

Transportion Costs to other countries
are charged depending on complexity and weight.

- Minimum Order Value
We charge extra € 5,50 for small quantities below mininum order under € 30,-.

- Neutral Shipping
We charge extra € 5,50 for parcels which we have to ship neutral.

We charge separate transportion costs for goods which have to be delivery by pallet or for goods with specially arranged prices.


 Prices are exkl. VAT