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ADJ Focus Spot 5Z

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The Focus Spot 5Z is powered by a brilliant 200W cool white LED engine and is equipped with... mehr
Produktinformationen "ADJ Focus Spot 5Z"

The Focus Spot 5Z is powered by a brilliant 200W cool white LED engine and is equipped with motorized focus, zoom (11 ~ 22-degree zoom), Iris and two Frost filters(heavy frost and light frost). It is designed for temporary live events and fixed installations in nightclubs, stages or churches. It is professionally fit with one GOBO wheel (7 aluminum and 1 glass GOBO) with 7 rotating/replaceable GOBOS, two COLOR wheels, each with 7 vibrant colors plus white, and 2 rotating/indexable prisms, (one 5-facet linear and one 6-facet circular).

The Focus Spot 5Z has Locking Power In and Out connectors to daisy chain the power, as well as Locking 5-pin DMX In/Out to transmit a DMX signal from one fixture to the next. There is a USB firmware update port built-in plus advanced control options such as: 16-bit fine pan and tilt, multiple DMX control modes and 6 different dimming curves. The Focus Spot 5Z offers a robust light output in a light weight, compact foot print (18-inch high and one 23 pounds/10kg).

Light Source:

200W Cool White LED Engine (50,000 hr.)


Motorized Focus

2 Frost Filters to create wash effects

Motorized Zoom: 11 ~ 22-degrees

2 Prism FX: Rotating 5-facet Linear & rotating 6-facet Circular

0-100% smooth dimming

Various strobe speeds

USB firmware update port

2 cooling fans

Color Wheels:

7 dichroic colors + white on two separate wheels (includes CTO, CTB and UV filters)

GOBO Wheels:

6 aluminum GOBOs, 1 glass GOBO + open

All GOBOs are removable & rotatable

GOBO Shake Effect

Aluminum GOBO size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 0.5mm (thickness)

Glass gobo size: 23mm (outer); 19mm (viewable); 3.3mm (thickness)

Prism Wheel:

Prism Wheel 1: Rotatable 5-facet Linear

Prism Wheel 2: Rotatable 6-facet Circular

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